I Interrupt This Blog…

I have to share something that I’ve found to be a big help to me during these times. It’s a TV show.

Most of us have seen movies and other media about the life of Jesus, and have found them boring and just plain flat. They tell the story just as the scriptures have it and that is good, but it tends to be a flat recitation of scripture. This show, The Chosen, has taken the story of Jesus at the start of His ministry and made it come to life. The apostles are real people, with real problems. Jesus is portrayed as a kind, loving but still strong personality that calls his disciples from their regular walks of life.

This show is one of the first to be “crowd funded” meaning that it is free and if you would like to give toward helping others to see it you can pay it forward. All funding goes toward the production of future seasons and making this a free app so that others can “Come and See”. And yes, there is a “Chosen Gift Store” for devotionals, bible studies and stuff to wear. Any merchandise purchased also goes to production and “paying it forward”.

I have found the stories to be engaging and uplifting. There are dramatic moments along with lighter spirited moments. It carries you along on this wonderful story and you want to see more. The acting is excellent, the staging is wonderful, showing first century life in all the hard ways that it was.

I encourage you to “Come and See” this story. You can download the app on your phone (look for “The Chosen”) or you can watch on your computer at https://watch.angelstudios.com/thechosen. If you have a streaming service you can stream the show from your phone. You can also view the backstories of the creation of the show and the round-tables with leading christian leaders discussing the parts of the show and how they are presented on YouTube. There is even a FaceBook page so you can follow any updates.


Now that I’ve written about Serenity, I guess I have to tackle the next line in this prayer. I’ve been putting this off a bit because acceptance is really, really hard. We don’t want to accept things, the way life is. We want the power to change things to the way WE want them. Acceptance means giving up control.

This is really hard to write about. I’ve had my struggles with acceptance for years. I want to control what happens. I want the outcome of any situation to be the outcome I envisioned. Of course this is totally self-centered. It’s so hard to think that you do not have control.

But this acceptance is about the “Things I Cannot Change”. There is a lot of stuff you can’t change. If you just look around you, especially at the people around you, you cannot change them. If you look at your situation, the trials and the problems, you may find a way to change that, but in most situations you can’t.

I fought against this for years. I didn’t want to be stuck taking care of my husband. I wanted him healthy but I knew that wasn’t going to miraculously happen. Now that sounds horrible, but it was the truth. Life was so hard. I had acquaintances say to me that they “Didn’t want to be me” or “Better you than me”.

Now that hurt sometimes, but I finally found an acceptance in saying “It is what it is…” When I went to my counselor I explored this. We went over my situation and there was truly nothing I could do to change it. Oh, I could leave my husband and try to make a “new” life, but I personally couldn’t do that. I couldn’t leave him to struggle on his own, so that left me right where I was.

The bottom line of this is that it takes a while to “Accept the Things you Cannot Change”. I still struggle with this now, but in a different way. Life is always going to hand us situations that we can do nothing about. Now, I have learned to bow my head in prayer and try to put these situations in His Hands.