March for Life…

The March for Life was yesterday and it brings about memories of my life. I’ve been through more things then just a caregiver for my husband. As Christians, we are to care about all life and the March for Life and the Women’s March brings out that we are to care for all life.

Back in 2017, I was a part of another blog, the Lutheran Ladies Connection. This is a blog that I posted about the March for Life. We not only have to think about children losing their lives, but what about the women that get sucked into the rhetoric that abortion is OK? What happens to them in the aftermath of taking a life? In my case, I thought my life was over. I had done a horrible thing and I felt that the Lord would never love me again.

As you read this, please think about others in your life who have done horrible things. They deserve our compassion. Yes, they have sinned, but haven’t we all?

2 thoughts on “March for Life…

  1. Beth Ann, I read your blog last evening. As I pondered … the Lord guided me to tune in to a UTube this morning. Petra Church, New Holland, Pa.
    Note: the worship leader, at the keyboard is one of our grandsons.
    The invited speaker is KarenEllis, founder of Deeper Still, a ministry to those who have had abortions. Author of the book Healing theHeart that Won’t Heal.
    Their 2nd worship service is airing right now. Or, I’m pretty sure you can find it later on UTube.
    I’m sure you’ll be blessed.


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