The Holidays are a really hard time for those of us who are taking care of a family member. Always hovering over, being sure that they aren’t getting too stressed or tired. Trying to make this Christmas the best (will it be the last one?). That thought just brings the heartache to a whole new level.

Joe loved Mannheim Steamroller. He loved their electronic style music that was mixed in with the regular orchestra sounds. One year I decided I would take him to a concert that was being given about an hour away. Joe had no appreciation for the planning that it took to give him an outing like this. He just was happy to go. I wanted balcony seats so he could see everything that happened but had to be sure we could get there via wheelchair, making sure we had enough oxygen for the duration and be ready for any other variables that could happen. These trips always took a lot of planning.

But it was so worth it. Seeing his face while the concert was happening, the light show, the music was wonderful. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, even though I’m not a huge fan of Mannheim Steamroller.

Here is a clip of Mannheim Steamroller in concert doing Silent Night. Enjoy!!