Caregiving is close and dear to my heart. I feel for the people who work in the background for a family member who needs constant help just to function in day to day living. I know what it’s like to be exhausted and to have outsiders always ask “How is ____ (you fill in the blank) doing?” and they never ask “How are YOU doing?”. The disappointment and anger of having to deal with family members and others who just don’t get it. The feelings of helplessness when you can’t ease the pain or discomfort of the person you are taking care of. The frustration of dealing with hospitals and doctors who think you are a trained nurse and can do all the care. You see, I took care of my husband for 16 years before he finally passed five years ago. I know the grieving process so well because I went through it time and time and time again.

I’m going to be open in this blog and I may talk about some hard subjects but there is one thing I learned in my 16 year journey; there is always hope. Hope for your patient, hope for you, hope for your situation. I grew so much, personally, in those 16 years because I trusted Jesus through it all. Did I do this perfectly? Absolutely not! It took me years.

This blog is for you, the caregivers out there who want to say “I can’t take another day”, and then take a big breath and tackle the impossible. The caregivers who fall exhausted into bed each night. My hope is that you can find hope and help here. I would love comments, because we can talk to each other about our pain and our weaknesses. We can share our thoughts.

I want you all to know… I get it.